Kids Escape Room Santa Clara:

1171 Homestead, Suite 280, Santa Clara.​

  • Kids Escape - Spy Room - Room 16
  • Kids Escape - Secrets in the Attic - Room 18

Kids Escape Room San Jose:
2131 The Alameda, Suite A, San Jose

  • Kids Escape - Spy Room - Rooms 6, 8, 10, 12, 14
  • Kids Escape for large parties, multiple rooms


Kids love our rooms, whether it's a group of friends, sports team,  youth groups, family event, or a birthday! We have the only exclusive Kids Escape Rooms in the area. The rooms contain the same puzzles as the adult rooms, but have been customized specifically for each of the following kids level: age 9-10, age 11-12, age 13-14, age 14-15 so that they can solve at their age level and yet provide plenty of challenge!


  • To reserve a room a kids escape room, we require a minimum of 6 tickets to be purchased so we can make the rooms private. One of those tickets is for an adult to be in the room if the kids are 13 and under, (e.g. 1 Adult / 5 Children). The role of the Adult is to chaperone and to provide guidance when needed during the Kids Level Game. It is $30 for each ticket. The room will last one hour but you need to arrive 15 minutes prior for introduction and rules. Also, please bring signed waiver form from parents. All tickets sales are final and non-refundable; no credits, no time or date changes.
  • ​If headcount increases with your final RSVPs, you can arrive onsite the day of the event and pay for any additional tickets up to capacity of the room.
  • Any of the kids escape rooms that display are available for a private room. The largest Spy room capacity is 14 and Secrets in the Attic is 10.
  • All kids require a ticket for a Kids Escape Rooms. Everyone must have a ticket to enter the game. 
  • The youngest age set up for kids is 10 years of age.
  • You can view our site at to check availability by clicking on tickets and selecting Kids Escape Spy Room or Kids Escape Secrets in the Attic.
  • For large groups of 15 - 50 players, our Kids Escape San Jose (for Spy Room only ) can accommodate with two, three or four simultaneous Spy Rooms at 2131 The Alameda, Ste A, San Jose, just three minutes away from our Santa Clara location.See Kids Escape San Jose to view available times for reservations of 2 or more simultaneous rooms.
  • Once it is set up in the system for you to purchase 2 rooms or more, you can book by selecting one room, then adding another to your cart before check out. Purchase a minimum of 6 tickets (in each room) to make them private for your large party, and we will charge any additional when you arrive up to 25 people.
  • All kids must have a waiver signed by their parents. You can download document below or send the link to other parents.

PIZZA & CAKE is not offered at either location. We do not have a cake/party room.

If you are interested in pizza & cake off-site, we recommend the following places near our two locations:

  • Mountain Mike's pizza in Santa Clara is across the street from our Santa Clara location within walking distance, (you may leave your car parked at our facility) and they have arcade games and space to set up your birthday cake. Contact Mountain Mikes directly to reserve a table.
  • Round Table Pizza is about three blocks away from the San Jose location. It is popular to do your cake with pizza there. Contact Round Table directly to reserve a table.